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No one person can make up the body of Christ, it take the sincere efforts of every member to build up the church. Each ministry is important to the functionality of our church and our goal is to teach and equip our members with the necessary tools to allow them room to use the gifts and talents in the church as a way to reach others outside the church.


Each ministry is connected to the vision and purpose of our church and one ministry cannot function without the other. Click on a ministry below to learn more about each one and what they have to offer.


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The mission of the Biblical Studies department is to provide the Word of God to the body of the church through open discussion in Sunday school, Bible Band, and YPWW (Young People Willing Workers) for the purpose of spiritual growth according to I Timothy 2:15.







The purpose and goal of the AFYM (Abundant Faith Youth Ministry) department is to promote and encourage our youth in the word of God. To instill the values found in God’s word and to inspire them through interaction, bible study, fellowship and social events, learn the love of God and to develop a personal relationship with him through his son Jesus Christ.







The mission of the communication and outreach department is to provide programs that will address the needs of our local community and create activities to demonstrate the love of God to those who haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.





The purpose of the Abundant Faith Mission department is to equip believers for service and strive to advance the ministry in all of its aspects, while touching the lives of those in need who dwell in the community as we grow in our spiritual maturity in the Lord.







The purpose of the Abundant Faith Family Ministry department is to provide meals and visitation to individuals and family in the Akron community who couldn’t otherwise afford a holiday meal. In addition to monthly visits to local nursing home facilities to carry the gospel message to individuals who aren’t able to attend church.


This ministry has also been developed to help our familes understand how important the unity of family, teaching parents about the significance of biblically stable christian households and the positive effects it has on the community as a whole.

Biblical Studies
Youth Ministry
Outreach Ministry
Family Focus
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